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File: 1685001370460.gif (1.1 MB, 806x720, 1684992036932374.gif)

10023 №.45641

Stop watching anime

4d140 №.45644


da0b7 №.45646

File: 1685014189496.png (1.91 MB, 3482x2042, raito.png)

Animu is the last vestige of hope we have in a world where feminism plagues the West. Nips give zero shits about feminism desu.

b2cf6 №.45647

Most anime has superpowered women and female warriors beating armies of men. It even has women in positions of authority over male subordinates. While the married characters like Goku act submissive towards their wives.

bc680 №.45650

File: 1685019849527.png (179.67 KB, 1000x1000, sketch-1684883572229.png)

Most tranimes have shows of little school girls getting raped by ugly men for mentally deranged tranny faggots

d3242 №.45652

File: 1685020105714.png (225.94 KB, 444x550, nonfren bopper.png)

>failing to assert dominance over a roastie coalburner


ONION №.45653

No. You're not the boss of me.

7e12b №.45678

File: 1685047515735.png (651.47 KB, 800x789, tranime.png)

After being on poa.st for months I can't fully express how much I hate weeaboos. Those fucks say how much they "care" about the White race and then their next post is written in chinkspeak and has jap pornography attached to it. And whenever a heroic and true to the cause National Socialist points out their hypocrisy, the race traitor admiggers kvetch the oyest veys in history.

I wish to see those "weeb nazis" on the day of the rope. They're literally no different from wiggers: same old worship of foreign culture with no regard for their Volk.

85539 №.45681

I couldn't care less about what niche entertainment anons decide to watch in their free time

90188 №.45686


0a553 №.45698

Anime leads to degeneracy.

00784 №.45724

not all of anime is gay ageed

248f8 №.45742

I can't, I never started.

ONION №.45755

Charge! Private Highschool

9a95f №.45757

nope, anime is one of the few non-pozzed forms of visual media left. generally it promotes traditional values, traditional families, loving relationships, homogeneous societies, strong men, feminine women, strength, perseverance, duty, honor, brotherhood, teamwork, courage etc etc. there's like two hundred different series running every year. you're an idiot if you try to cherry pick and then attack anime as a whole. oh you saw a strong woman one time? grow up. anime has been around a lot longer than people here have been alive but its just recently that some troons and freaks have latched on to it. blanket dismissing the whole artform is just dumb boomer thinking. you're stuck in the past.

I fucking guarantee these same boomers that hate anime also watch jewflix or some other streaming garbage

ONION №.45762

Seconded, even when cucked I never watched it and I really tried.

Dumb faggot entertainment.

83c60 №.45763

Anime is coomer trash. Go read a book.

69001 №.45765

nah the vast majority of anime is not sexualized at all. also I read more than anyone I know and I bet more than you considering your obvious low IQ

dab4b №.45766

I mostly stopped watching anime years ago.
Frankly, I feel like I've seen it all already.
I'd like to be able to enjoy recent anime, but recent anime haven't been enjoyable.
Not sure if I've changed, or the medium has.

>Shounen battle manga is all the same.

>Issekai is all self-insert garbage for losers.
>Seinen manga are frequently too boring to justify looking for the good stuff.
>Moe is gross, and for people who shouldn't be around children
>All mecha shows live in the shadow of either Gundam, or Evangelion
>The more esoteric, deeply mythological and culturally specific the names or themes of a fantasy show are, the more likely the main cast is to consist entirely of reincarnated sex-swapped jailbait

Nowadays I just set fires in my back garden and make up my own bullshit stories.
Sometimes there are shadow puppets.

Perhaps one day, you will all get to experience "How a crocodile fucked your dad" - a drama in three parts.

83c60 №.45776

I noticed recent anime has had more overt faggotry. With a weird emphasis of lesbians and crossdressing. Probably appealing to the tranny and faggot demographic after the success of the Dragon Maid anime.

90188 №.45784

>anime is one of the few non-pozzed forms of visual media left

There is some non-pozzed, like Attack on Titan, or Akira, but there is a whopping load of faggotry in others. "Anime" is not one series. It's an entire collection of genre's whose only commonality is a general artistic style developed in Japan.

ONION №.45793

File: 1685232470447.jpg (48.05 KB, 721x670, e0b897e0b8b3e0b984e0b8a1-s….jpg)

No. One of my favorite films of all time is on right now. Finally, the Main Character, Shinji Ikari, puts the worst girl of the series in her place.

83c60 №.45794

Didn't Shinji have a crush on a white haired faggot?

83c60 №.45795

Attack on Titan has lesbians and empowered female characters. Also most 80's anime has a weird obsession with rape.

ONION №.45796

i dont remember that
>empowered female characters
very sad indeed

ONION №.45807

>empowered female characters
>the asian doormat
>the blonde one who gets pregnant
>the big nosed female leader who admits she can't be as good as the blonde haired blue eyed leader
You know what attack on titan does have?
>anti-vax plotline
>first main villains are traitors with big noses
>second main villain is self-hating White guilt preacher
>main villains after that who are supposed to be nazis are proven right and the main characters admit that they were right

The only downside is they wouldn't write jews into the plot, and instead to try paint it like there was no difference between what jews went through and what Germans went through, but other than that the show is pretty much pro-Axis propaganda for WW2.
the lesbian is a traitor and kills herself

dab4b №.45808

Chronologically, does this occur before or after this timeline's version spunks over her comatose body?

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