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Frens Chan Animation Studios

Clown World is a new cartoon series that is written, animated and produced by the Frens Chan community. Season 1 titled "American Zoomer" will follow Milo, a stereotypical zoomer, along his journey of being redpilled by his new employer, Jimbo.

Watch Clown World American Zoomer below. Also available on: Odysee, BitChute and GoyimTV

S1, E1 - Pilot

S1, E2 - Palestine

If you are interested in joining the Clown World production team, send us an email describing how you would like to contribute to the project and include some examples of your work if you have any (drawing, animating, writing, etc). Email: [email protected]

DISCLAIMER: All characters appearing similar to real people are a parody. Use of their likeness in the United States as parody is protected by the First Amendment as a form of expression and use of logos, popular symbols and media is protected by law under fair use. This cartoon is not monetized in any way and is not subject to paying royalty fees of any kind. Do not attempt anything you watch on this cartoon in real life. Frens Chan does not condone violence. Violent scenarios depicted in our animations are for entertainment only.