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File: 1657633542005.jpg (93.73 KB, 1000x750, WEG3A3_2.jpg)

07c1d №.3306

Hello frens, in this thread we will share our favourite guns, period.
Mine is the HK G3A3, because it looks sexy.

46011 №.3307

File: 1658752595507.jpg (96.17 KB, 750x1000, 2nd amendment (2).jpg)

I like the FAL for the same reason.

a4bd9 №.3308

File: 1661326533097.jpg (2.77 MB, 4032x1816, 20220822_183157.jpg)

the SCAR family. iconic. lighter, tougher and cooler. makes morons seethe.

72ede №.3309

File: 1661327213424.jpg (173.24 KB, 713x819, 1362577068205.jpg)

I've always liked SVDs

59c82 №.3310

File: 1661356343593.jpg (21.25 KB, 684x384, cpvz-ak2015-solo.jpg)

I always liked non-AK 7.62x39mms.
>pic-related, always wanted one but they got banned before that happened

59c82 №.3311

File: 1661356475614.jpg (809.87 KB, 1200x900, cz-bren2-ms-nyitott-vallta….jpg)

Pic related is it's successor. Neat that the GIGN adopted it in 7.62x39mm.

59c82 №.3312

File: 1661356638966.png (73.23 KB, 640x247, 36389098231_4dba1df8c9_c.png)

Here is the Type 81. Similar to the VZ58, it uses a short-stroke gas piston.

59c82 №.3313

File: 1661357187252.jpeg (138 KB, 1024x367, medved-3.jpeg)

Pic related (MedVed rifle) is the closet thing we can get in Canada related to a SVD. Uses a Dragunov esque receiver with milled bottom and top (compared to the stamped SVD) and uses a SVD gas system.

72ede №.3314

File: 1661458099660.jpg (61.79 KB, 660x387, Redrussia-1.jpg)

I like it

523b6 №.3315

File: 1661486716858.jpg (158.23 KB, 1332x850, balalaika svd.jpg)

never heard of the medved before, that's awesome, love obscure russian stuff.

523b6 №.3316

File: 1661486853561.jpg (70.53 KB, 960x720, sksremove.jpg)

Oh, also favorite gun: SKS. Just feels right. 7.62x39 is a great cartridge, and the SKS is super handy.

0a1c5 №.3317

File: 1661997485668.jpg (49.25 KB, 800x533, hakimMG13mag.jpg)

Always wanted a Hakim with the mg13 mag

67d92 №.3318

Based yugo poster.

97786 №.3319

File: 1662087355089.jpg (39.22 KB, 633x179, hakimMG13mag.jpg)

I'm retarded, orig pic rel is not a hakim.

44dda №.3320

I consider it the best general purpose firearm. If I could only carry one thing beyond food and water, it would be an SKS.

ed5db №.6137

File: 1679203728465.png (714.2 KB, 753x571, m4.PNG)

M4 series is peak AR-15

27e5f №.6139

File: 1679226455414.jpg (87.5 KB, 1000x450, zAh2pjmX.jpg)

I love SKSs too. I always wanted one with some type of PU scope

309fa №.6782

File: 1684770294707.jpeg (236.41 KB, 1024x667, A8492B14-0E9D-425F-B614-B….jpeg)


4bedb №.6783

File: 1684779055944.jpg (47.42 KB, 640x480, mkkbr2gtuc481.jpg)

ONION №.6784

File: 1684779264856.jpg (399.78 KB, 1200x737, gun.jpg)

A modern 1911 is the best gun ever. It was good enough for your grandpa so it is good enough for you. It's been more than 110 years now - why can't anyone else get it right?
>7 round magazine
Learn how to fucking aim

ONION №.6785

>It was good enough for your grandpa
If America was restricted to using handguns during WW2 then the good guys would've won.

ONION №.6789

>Handgun vs Buzzbomb
>Nazis win
>Handguns are retarded
Makes sense

ONION №.6791

I never said handguns are retarded, I said they aren't good enough.

ONION №.6792

And I will add this now: no handgun will ever be "the best gun ever"

e58cb №.6793

File: 1684790097275.jpg (3.05 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_1023.jpg)

> favourite guns, period.

Have a PaK 40.

ONION №.6794

File: 1684796142515.jpg (100.14 KB, 1037x769, uzi.jpg)

Are Noseburg guns any good?

e58cb №.6795

For the most part, the Uzi SMG's are decent, though weak spots are the stamped feed ramp on some models (it can cause feed issues and eventually crack).
You will also encounter converted semi auto UZI's that have a different feed ramp with a restrictor ring, intended to inhibit installing a FA bolt. depending on the modification to allow FA operation, you may find the ring cracked or damaged, and/or cracking around the ring due to poor fitment.

The magazines can be a pain for some to fully load without a loading tool, and you can encounter well used ones that have cracks where the grip frame interfaces with the upper.

Of the three major variants, the full size and Mini Uzi are probably the most user friendly, whereas the micro uzi is more a device for converting money into noise.

ONION №.6796

Oy vey that sounds like a lot of cracking.

e58cb №.6800

Pretty much all the stamped SMGs are prone to it eventually. Some are worse than others.
If you want a SMG that will last forever you need something like a Solothurn, a MP-28 or Lanchester.

a2ddc №.6801

File: 1684832565680.jpg (132.6 KB, 1000x662, 1630741083849.jpg)


ONION №.6802

wtf explain yourself. How does the AK-47 oprod move the AR-15 bolt carrier?

0c8b1 №.6803

File: 1684869034743.jpg (15.56 KB, 476x193, M27_IAR_side_profile.jpg)

It really is a beautiful platform, and super-smooth to shoot too. The weight isn't even all that bad once you get used to it. My favorite part is how versatile it is.

I was under the assumption we're picking from what we've shot before. The granddaddy StG would be awesome to own, but for practical purposes I'd want something with a much more ample ammo supply, and with easier attachment options.

Objectively speaking, yes. I'd say their gun work is the only thing about them that doesn't fill me with disgust. I owned a Galil in 5.56x45 once. It had the ruggedness and ease of use of an AK coupled with the range and accuracy of an AR. Its major flaw was the weak firing pin, which has a tendency to break when dry-fired. If you choose to adopt the weapon of our enemy, be sure to grab a bunch of training dummy rounds and put one in the bottom of each magazine to avoid breaking it, since like the AK the Galil series does not lock open on an empty mag.

As far as my personal favorite out of everything I've shot, I'd have to go with the HK416. It's basically an M-16 with a piston system and QoL upgrades. I'd love to get my hands on the USMC variant M27 IAR, or a 7.62x51 version if HK ever decides to roll one out.

e58cb №.6808

It doesn't.
That's a butchered up .22LR AR clone.
So it's blowback operated.

a2ddc №.6812

its magic I aint gotta explain shit

bd86f №.6813

File: 1684929461895.png (1.95 MB, 1312x871, kinog3.PNG)

bd86f №.6815

File: 1684929747436.jpg (148.65 KB, 1000x662, mg42-1s.jpg)

e58cb №.6820

File: 1684979446302.jpg (410.63 KB, 1168x1760, Mg74desert.jpg)

Friend of mine shooting his Mg74.
Imagine a Mg42, but finished really really well, in 7.62NATO.

1da23 №.6825

File: 1685006405761.png (1.88 MB, 832x1258, mg.PNG)

>inb4 "fuck that's warm!"
Noice. Is the MG74 one of the variants with the heavily nerfed rpm?
I had the pleasure of being issued an MG3

e58cb №.6826

Yes, but it's not hard to return to "full speed".
It's also not a good idea.
Running the piece at a bit more sedate rate of fire does wonders for it's longevity and keeps the rest of the squad from bludgeoning you to death with empty ammo cans.

7bb15 №.6827

File: 1685015169013.jpg (35.91 KB, 650x443, R (2).jpg)

Yeah, we had chronic parts breakage, unfortunately. The spare parts we were getting were mostly made in India/Pakistan IIRC, and were not as good as the original German ones.
When I carried one, the infantry doctrine was that all ammo was carried by the machinegunner. It was fucking retarded, but a consequence of reducing the squad sizes to only six guys to fit in the IFVs. Suffice to say, we had to get pretty good at making two- or three-round bursts.

e58cb №.6829

Well, at least you weren't dealing with "new" israeli made Browning parts.

The kikes were taking worn beyond spec parts like cartridge extractors, bead blasting and then re-parkerizing them, and selling them to the U.S. market. Some of the israeli 1919 browning parts kits I looked at had ZERO safe or functional parts if you wanted a working piece.

We were having to tell the people who brought us these kits that the majority of the internals were scrap. Saw the same thing with a lot of FN-MAG and FAL parts from there.
Pretty much any parts kit sourced from israel, assume it's worn the fuck out and painted to look new.

7e760 №.6831

They really are bazaar creatures…

3609c №.6836

File: 1685059576778.png (633.22 KB, 937x401, larry vickers carbine.png)

Perfect blend of old and new.

ONION №.6837

File: 1685061631810.png (551.9 KB, 1704x965, ruddrifle.png)

Rudd Rifle.


It's an AR-180 using the same blow-back action as this pistol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lAxVYYhACM

It's an interesting and simple design for an action. Someday I'd like to build one and play around with it because I'll never get a chance to purchase an actual Rudd firearm.

For common platforms I like the AR-18. SCARs and pretty much every other military 5.56mm firearm other than the AR-15s are clones of that action. I was going to build an AR-18 clone using the BRN-180 upper but I don't like the AR-style lowers and they're overpriced for what they are.

I'd like to build an AR-18 style rifle in 6mm or 6.5mm caliber. It could be my do everything gun. For now I alternate between a basic bitch AR-15 and a M1 carbine for that. Really been thinking about switching to a bolt gun and building something on the Rem 700 platform to. But I need to finish building a flint-lock first.

ONION №.6840

>For now I alternate between a basic bitch AR-15 and a M1 carbine for that.
What do you find you like about the M1 Carbine better than the AR-15?

ONION №.6842

>15-round mags fit in any size pocket
>.30 caliber bullet
>not as loud and ear shattering as 5.56mm
>smaller overall length than average AR-15
>came with real rear sight
>less weight than average AR-15
>not as bulky as AR-15
>doesn't scare nogunz like spooky black rifle does
>majority of shots I take are within 150-200 yards so any advantage of the 5.56mm or meme calibers doesn't matter
>no charging handle autism
>not DI so it doesn't puke all over the bolt with every shot
>wooden stock allows you to use it as club if needed + can drill holes into butt stock to carry extra ammo/supplies/whatever
>for the average shooter I feel the M1 is a more accurate weapon (sights aren't an inch over the barrel)

>boomers ran the prices of them up to 1k+ so expensive for newfags
>GI parts are getting hard to come by
>30 round mags can be unreliable
>15 round GI mags starting to become unreliable from spring wear and springs are getting hard to come by
>.30 carbine rounds are getting harder to come by
>.30 carbine is basically a pistol cartridge and if you don't reload your bullet options are limited
>.30 carbine brass is getting harder to come by
>wooden stock requires more care than plastic
>lots of shitty clones were made that are unreliable (avoid Universal Carbines)

I use .30 carbine soft points. Kills deers good. Can shoot M1 all day without ear protection and it doesn't bother me. After a mag of 5.56mm my ears are ringing like a telephone.
>muh ear plugs
Sometimes you don't have time to put them in before taking a shot.

For me it comes down to the M1 being less of a pain to carry around all day. The only real advantage of the AR platform is 5.56mm surplus being more available. By the time you add-on all the usual crap to an AR it'll weight far more than an M1. If you go for a meme caliber you lose the advantage of 5.56mm being common.

I am looking to retire my M1 and build an AR pistol in 10mm. But the ATF just got strict on pistol braces and I don't want to register an SBR. I would also have to pair the AR in 10mm with a glawk for mag capability to make it viable for what I want to do (pistol and rifle sharing same mags+caliber). I don't hear good things about 10mm in AR platforms either. You're stuck with proprietary blow back bolts or fucking around with gas ports to make it work. For some reason no one has made an AR piston upper in 10mm. If one was on the market I'd buy it today. It'd be the perfect pistol+rifle combo in the lower 48. Could kill anything up to grizzly bear within realistic range for hunting.

The Ruger Ranch rifles are not built as well as the old M1s but they're close. The reason people love them is because they're as handy as the M1s are. It's almost the perfect PDW for anyone that didn't fall for the tacticool meme.

e58cb №.6843

Handloading .30USC is a pain in the ass as well.
Even when well lubed and with carbide dies, it fucking squeals and shrieks the length of the die.

And yeah. FUcking goobers have taken what was a handy $100~$500 little carbine, and driven them ALL well past $1000, for no good reason.
And agreed, the M1 Carbine clones suck. Various levels of suck, but they ALL suck.
Even so, the above fallout from fuckwits playing firearm pokemon with M1's have driven up the price of the shitty copies.
It's not hard to go to a gun show or shop and find some goddamn conehead trying to sell a Universal as a "GENUINE WW2 M1CARBEEN" for $800.00.

ONION №.6844

Are there any decent FAL kits left? I missed the boat years back but I really want to add one to my collection.

ONION №.6845

I have a Universal carbine that is pretty reliable when I use one particular magazine. It's a very late serial number. I think they figured things out in the last couple of years with their non-GI parts. You can tell right off that it isn't as well built as the GI carbine.

I had a boomer lusting over it for years. Kept trying to get me to trade him for a shitty SKS with an after market stock and detachable mag. Told me the hell-fire trigger he'd installed on it was worth more than my entire rifle. He got really butthurt when I told him I'd given that carbine away someone else. If he had the original stock+mag+trigger for that SKS I might have traded.

Last I looked the local pawn shops are getting $800-$1,000 for SKSs now. I know for a fact most of them were bought for $100-$200. I see boomers unloading a lot of them lately. I see just as many buying them at that price. I'm guessing people are selling off 7.62 rifles because of the ammo import bans.

Locally it's getting hard to get anything now. Since covid none of the local shops have recovered. I've been trying to buy .38 special bullets for 3 years now. They're never in stock. The boomers buy them all up when they come in and turn around and sell them at the flea market for triple what they paid. I've seen them selling buck shot for $1-$2 a shell. All the newfags don't know any better and are paying those prices for it.

e58cb №.6846

File: 1685111280641.jpg (425.12 KB, 1024x762, na893.jpg)

Dirt common Chinese SKS's for $1000 is pure bullshit. Even when they were cheap, I always found something better, for less.

Here's what a SKS should sell for, NOW.

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