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File: 1676821074584.jpeg (50.06 KB, 472x451, 253429E9-0950-4739-9A66-B….jpeg)

d4608 №.77931

Frenschan, despite being around for less than a year, has already produced a great resource in the Frens Library. The community has shown its ability, and I think that we could do a great job making a wikipeida-esque site that would cover everything from Hitler to Heidegger to Bronze Age Pervert. There are a few questions:
>what platform to host it on
>how much bias is in the articles
>to use accounts or to treat it like an imageboard
>hosting costs, domain names, etc.
if any /g/fags could help me out that would be great, also any frens who want to contribute please do so.

d4608 №.77933

We could make a page on fandom or host our own, or use some template, here are some examples:
>fandom page
>website(from scratch?)
>using a template site

e8f96 №.77955

You don't want to be thrown off a site, because you are to based, so it has to be independent. It would also be a good idea to have somewhere between 10 to 15 people beforehand, who will actually be willing to police the place and write at least one article every month.

e8f96 №.77956

Having a search function, allowing you to search within texts, would also be the biggest priority, you could just type in a name and get results, for example.

d38b5 №.77969

File: 1676831790917.jpg (45 KB, 700x522, frens.jpg)

Well, fren, I've got some good news and some bad news for you.
The good news is, such project already exists. Me and some anons teamed up in matrix after project ERICA (>>74901) was set up, and so far, in addition to researching schooling methods, we have also set our wiki up (courtesy of Frenschan's mod team). We haven't made the link public yet since we don't have much content in there, but I guess the technical aspects are already handled.
What we need is basically willing contributors, and that's where the bad news come in: it's damn hard to find people who match their enthusiasm with hard work. We /pol/acks love to theorize solutions to all existing and imaginable problems, but when it comes to actual work, most end up excusing themselves or just plain ghosting the rest. People with initiative are a true gem. If you and other anons think they can set some time aside to help our cause, then hit us up at https://matrix.to/#/!mKoDdCpUmhPbqqiPyU:matrix.org?via=matrix.org (and go with the vetting proccess)
>Frenschan, despite being around for less than a year, has already produced a great resource in the Frens Library.
On an unrelated note, I'm technically the librarian at the Frens library. I've deleted most duplicates in the last few days and am currently envisioning an encompassing cataloguing system for our archive. If anyone here is a sucker for menial and unrewarding tasks, hit me up at matrix through the above-mentioned link and let's give our library the love it deserves.

d38b5 №.77979

Just noticed my sloppy attempt at >>74901

a24f9 №.77982

Hi Librarianfren, I had some technical trouble with Matrix that coincided with an unrelated decision to not get involved in the Frenschan chatrooms and the like, and so I ended up ghosting you guys. I mostly joined the chatroom to connect with you specifically to transfer the big library you've made that I have, but still, my apologies for disappearing. I'm still around as an anon fren though, so if you need something from that library, please post about it in the /fc/ library thread or something (and remember that I'm technologically retarded, so I need IT instructions at boomer levels of complexity).

e8f96 №.77987

I would like to help, but even though my English is decent, it just isn't good enough.

d38b5 №.77989

Hey Folklore fren, glad to see you're all right! I'm still very interested in those files, I thought they were lost for good when you went radio silent kek
>if you need something from that library, please post about it in the /fc/ library thread or something
I can think of a few ways you could help. If you have the time, you can always upload books directly at FC library (you don't even have to worry about them being duplicates, I can take care of that). You can also upload all pdfs you have from that library on MEGA, and post the link here, or send it to our mod team via their email ([email protected]) in case you're concerned with security.
I'm an ESL myself, fren, so no worries. We're always in need of people to proof-read our texts, gather materials, and etc, so you don't have to write anything if you don't feel like to.

3fe3b №.77997

Cheers! I'll see what I can do fren.

98506 №.78240


a2561 №.78889

In a few years chatbot AIs will probably be able to be trained without huge budgets so we will probably be able to make an AI, feed it the knowledge of the library books and the wiki articles and have that be a good information source

e37a4 №.78893

Just use mediawiki. The same software used by wikipedia. Don't host it on some free "platform" like fandom you'll only get deleted the first time someone from reddit finds the url. You're better off renting a few VPSs and setting up your own anti-ddos/reverse proxy server. There are good ones out there that accept crypto as payment. The only issue is who will buy the domain name. At some point someone has to dox themselves to get a proper domain. If you use one of those anon-third party domain name sellers they can steal it from you at any time.

>how much bias

None. It should only contain absolute truth backed up with real research. Bias is for the enemy. The enemy relies on bias because the truth exposes them.
>accounts of anon
Media wiki allows anons to edit/publish. It will log their IP address. When/if you deal with abuse/spam you can simply ban by IP or IP range. They will come and attempt to shit the place up and force you to have proper accounts. They do it every time. You can lock certain articles that get regularly attacked when needed or restrict them to accounts only.

Lurking should be totally anonymous and not require an account of course.
>Hosting costs/domain/etc
This shouldn't cost that much money. Wikipedia is a total grifting operation. You can host a popular website getting millions of hits on $100 a month or so. Any one that tells you different is lying or getting ripped off. This should only cost you like $10 a month to get started.

I can write articles and software for (you). But I'm not joining some faggy chat room or doxing myself for the "privilege". I'm not using anything that requires a cell phone. Please stop using these faggot zoomer "apps" and use a proper protocol for chat instead. Like IRC or email..

You don't need a chat room for this project anyway. All that is required is a thread here where we can contact each other and work together.

902e0 №.78976

9b446 №.79042

>Just use mediawiki. The same software used by wikipedia.
We do, courtesy of our mods:
>Media wiki allows anons to edit/publish. It will log their IP address.
We're not particularly worried about raids, but more so of anons editing the wiki without VPN and having their real IP address shown publically.
>Lurking should be totally anonymous and not require an account of course.
I agree. The problem is, we restricted editing to conceal people's IP, but it seems you can't really do that without restricting the whole wiki. We figured we might do some preliminary work by creating a few articles and organizing topics first, and then decide how we really want to approach these restrictions. Any ideas?
>Please stop using these faggot zoomer "apps" and use a proper protocol for chat instead. Like IRC or email.
Let's see if your way works best, then. Here's our email: [email protected]
You, and anyone else unwilling to join matrix, can shoot us with a message and we'll provide you with a wiki account.

000da №.79045

I am confused as to why they don't just opt to create Metapedia articles

000da №.79048

>The problem is, we restricted editing to conceal people's IP, but it seems you can't really do that without restricting the whole wiki
That is false. Metapedia did that.

0140c №.79170

File: 1677379550981.jpg (108.28 KB, 1080x1080, 1658255431954-3.jpg)

Poe here, project creator. I'll take a second to address some concerns:

>anon if I make an edit to the wiki it will show my IP address and FBI lick squad finna grab my ass

One, use a VPN. Two, I recommend joining the Matrix chat. Those who are vetted and accepted are given accounts to the wiki, and your IP addreas is invisible. This isn't because we have a hard-on for Matrix, it's just how we foster security. I would much rather have the edits made by somone who
>got through our vetting
>has an account on the wiki
>can have their account suspended at any time
>only gets in if they demonstrate their usefulness to the project

As opposed to completely anonymous people that I have no connection with like Wikipedia. Maybe Metapedia's system is structured differently, but the options for us are to either open editing to the masses or to restrict it to those with accounts, accounts WE give them.

>Metapedia exists faggot

I'm aware of them, and they and others are doing great work. However, 2 things: one, their writing style seems too focused on DISPROVING lies about things like the Holohoax. I'm not saying they're wrong about anything, but it just reads like conspiracy theories to the uninitiated. What we are doing is oriented towards projecting the kind of authenticity that the normiest of normies, because our target audience is the mainstream student body and not the fringe elements who are naturally suggestive anyhow. Two, the wiki itself it only a tool, and we're creating it so that it will be easier to complete our ultimate goal of creating an alternarice curriculum. Our wiki is not itself our end goal, so if you'd like to contribute in any way, know that it is the most prepatory of stagea we're in.

>I don't wanna get doxxed and you glow with the light of a thousand suns

I think our OPSEC is pretty secure, but I'm down to bring on a security consultant if you think you can expose and improve any security weaknesses we may have. Yes, a sophisticated and dedicated FBI team could probably dox me or anyone involved. They haven't so far, and nobody involved is required to stay with us for any amount of time. You could make one edit and then leave if you wanted. You could delete every account you used to do that, shash the phone, use thermite to destroy the hard drive, change your name, melt your fingertips of their prints, get plastic surgery to hide your identity…

I get it, man. You don't have to join and I encourage you to make your own wiki if you can do it better. But I'm confident that we've not only got this, but that we're doing some really great work. You're free to make another far-right version of Wikipedia for edgy teenagers who need their first redpill, but I hope you'll join a team of frens who want to revolutionize education and the way whites are treated in the schools.

a2561 №.79192

>their writing style
Just make new articles in a different writing style?

9966f №.79212

>group chat
>vetting Internet randos
>I think our OPSEC is pretty secure
You people never learn. This will get infiltrated and compromised like everything else since the trust model is dildos. GFL anyway.

426b0 №.79214

>You people never learn
Never learn from what? Your own experiences with edgy chatrooms being infiltrated?
I swear man, nothing repels le eternal /pol/ack more than the prospect of doing some actual work for a change. But do go on and critize as you like if it makes you feel any better about not helping.

e37a4 №.79215

Work isn't the problem. It's everyone else's stupid need for names and credit. I'm not being "vetted" by anyone. My work speaks for itself.

Let me know when I can contribute without being "vetted".
>some newfag might post from his real IP
then let the newfag learn the hard way.

bc52a №.79277

Hey fren. The first batch (of 3 or 4) is uploaded. Remember that I mentioned having messed up the internal structure of the folder system, so you might have folders placed within folders or some stupid shit like that.
I don't know how long the link will stay up, and the account is a throwaway.

f285c №.79280

The last 7+ years of nationalist groups, newfag. You'd have more success raiding Infogalactic and making it more based. If you want to do some 'real work', have 3+ white kids, homeschool them, and raise them redpilled.

dcf77 №.79337

I can't thank you enough, my friend! I just transferred it to my own MEGA.
Work in the library has gained some pace recently. When browsing through our library in search of duplicates, it seemed to me that only a fraction of them really coincide with my old one. This means that with your files we could easily double the amount of English books we currently have, which is great news (and much work to do, so maybe I should just listen to >>79280 's wisest of advices and abandon it all kek)

Let's see if
>Work isn't the problem
for you, then. Here's my current to-do list of articles:
-Germanic migrations;
-Article for each migrating Germanic tribe: burgundians, goths, franks, vandals, etc;
-The East and Western Roman Empire;
-The Huns (and their origins);
-Attila and hunnic cruelty;
-The fall of Rome and the role of Christianity/the Pope;
-Moorish invasion of Iberia, focusing on Jewish role;
-Moorish rule of Iberia, focusing on their brutality;
-Reconquista, focusing on Spanish blood laws and European knightly caste;
-Carolingean dinasty;
-Charles Martel;
-The Frankish Kingdom;
-Charlemagne, focusing on his relationship with Jews;
-The Saxon Wars (partially done);
-The Lombard Kingdom;
-The Papal States;
-Norman Sicily;
-The Most Serene Republic and its Jewish ghettos;
-Muslim incursions into southern Italy;
-The creation of universities;

Feel free to write an article about one of those, or any other topic of your liking, and then simply post your work here in this thread. If you want to enlist the help of an AI chatbot, just make sure to have it check its own texts for veracity.
And there you have it, fren: zero vetting, zero chatting, zero namefagging. Have fun.

2e6b6 №.82578

Thanks a lot, fren!
Your files will be uploaded to our library in due time.
We're currently cataloguing existing files there (we're 550 books in, so far).

df271 №.82682

File: 1678905683156.png (6.79 KB, 305x161, 88left.PNG)

Second-to-last batch is almost ready.
I think I accidentally added some Evola audiobooks and the like in the last batch (and maybe the first one too?), which bloated the folder size a bit. There might be a few in this coming one as well (I only realized it half-way through and decided to leave those in that had been uploaded), but the last batch should have none.

0c107 №.82751

hi fren,
can you give an example of what you are looking for, ie a completed article? I'm a lazy faget but if I can, I would like to contribute on something that I know lots about.

df271 №.82755

I'll get the last one up before the end of the week.
folder slash caR3RQ5a pound sign a07E8LlkqS7e44xCPTPxWA

1802c №.82924

Here's the last batch:
folder slash OQpTEQKT pound sign jdxFrEsIlQYy40NxUng6xQ
That should be all from the original zip plus a little extra.

a9ecf №.82941

Thank you honourable fren, we'll make good use of those files.

a9ecf №.82957

File: 1679016996970.jpg (200.65 KB, 959x1285, David-Lloyd-George-1908.jpg)

Hey fren, this is an example of an article:

David Lloyd George was a British statesman who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1916 to 1922. He was born on January 17, 1863, in Manchester, England, to Welsh parents, and grew up in Wales, where he received his early education. His family was not wealthy, and he faced a number of financial and personal challenges in his early life. [1]
After studying law, Lloyd George entered politics and was first elected to Parliament in 1890. He quickly rose through the ranks of the Liberal Party, becoming President of the Board of Trade in 1905 and Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1908. As Chancellor, he introduced a series of social welfare reforms, including the Old Age Pensions Act of 1908 and the National Insurance Act of 1911. [2]
During World War I, Lloyd George became one of the key figures in the British government. In 1916, he was appointed Prime Minister, succeeding H.H. Asquith. Lloyd George played a vital role in the war effort, using his organizational skills to coordinate the military and economic resources of the country. He also helped to negotiate the Treaty of Versailles, which brought an end to the war. [3][4]
Lloyd George's tenure as Prime Minister was marked by a number of significant domestic and foreign policy achievements. In addition to his role in the war effort, he introduced a series of reforms aimed at improving social conditions in the country, including the Representation of the People Act of 1918, which extended voting rights to more people, and the Housing Act of 1919, which aimed to improve housing conditions for the working class. [5]
In foreign policy, Lloyd George was instrumental in negotiating the Treaty of Versailles, which ended World War I. He was also a key figure in the creation of the League of Nations, an international organization aimed at maintaining world peace.
After leaving office in 1922, Lloyd George remained active in politics and continued to speak out on a variety of issues. He visited Adolf Hitler in 1936 and said that Hitler was "a great man" and "undoubtedly a great German patriot", and also that "the man who has wrought such wonders for Germany and has raised her from the abyss of humiliation and despair to the proud place she now occupies amongst the nations will not lightly surrender his position." [6][7]
Lloyd George was created Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor in 1945, and died on March 26, 1945, at the age of 82. [1]
1. "David Lloyd George." Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., n.d. Web. 16 Feb. 2023.
2. "David Lloyd George." National Archives. The National Archives, n.d. Web. 16 Feb. 2023.
3. "David Lloyd George." History.com. A&E Television Networks, LLC, n.d. Web. 16 Feb. 2023.
4. "David Lloyd George." Spartacus Educational. Spartacus Educational Publishers Ltd., n.d. Web. 16 Feb. 2023.
5. "David Lloyd George." UK Parliament. UK Parliament, n.d. Web. 16 Feb. 2023.
6. "David Lloyd George and Adolf Hitler." BBC. BBC, n.d. Web. 16 Feb. 2023.
7. "David Lloyd George." The National Library of Wales. The National Library of Wales, n.d. Web. 16 Feb. 2023.

a9ecf №.82959

Short, and to the point. This one about Lloyd George was written with ChatGPT. I don't remember exactly which prompt I've used but it was something along the lines of: "write me a wikipedia article, minimum of 1000 words, about David Lloyd George, emphasizing his opinions of Hitler. number your sources along the text and cite them in the end"

You can also build your articles from existing Wikipedia ones. Just copy their source and remove the (((bias))). Here's an example of a good, inspiring article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marco_Antonio_Bragadin

a9ecf №.82960

Pardon the triplepost, but I forgot to mention that whenever writing an article with the help of an AI, always ask it to check its own texts for veracity. I've run into a few instances where the AI flat out invented sources, or historical occurrences.

5ff92 №.82996

What's wrong with FasciPedia? Wouldn't it be better to contribute to FasciPedia?

ONION №.83000

No, we have to duplicate data and reinvent the wheel.

29f28 №.83031

I'd love to read more of your witty remarks, fren. Tell me, should we shut our library down too, since there are plenty of others around? Oh, and let's not forget this chan! There are dozens out on the web.

a88b9 №.83673


bf246 №.83703

File: 1679288278182.jpg (133.16 KB, 1042x994, 1679274480561124.jpg)

df631 №.96911

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