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File: 1684981980601.mp4 (3.8 MB, 994x560, 16849369915510.mp4)

a29e5 №.96716

Putin here says that “ when Alexander the Great from Macedonian Empire conquered Persia (Iran), he forcedly made people to race mix. But in Russia, it's all natural and accepted as "normal", it is on the genetic level of Russians to race mix”

This deserves its own thread because too many people still for the fall “based Putin” meme.

a29e5 №.96717

Here’s the thread about this on the Russian 4chan (2ch.hk)

ONION №.96718

>I'm not pro-Putin
>I'm just anti-Ukraine

ONION №.96915

File: 1685080079962.jpg (66.74 KB, 500x360, 1680088158524.jpg)

>too many people still for the fall “based Putin” meme.

uberfact! he is literally a fucking kike! Russia is 100% chabad controlled op…

aac37 №.96929

File: 1685091746769.jpeg (82.37 KB, 740x787, 742A2A4F-1F5E-4E01-9895-E….jpeg)

”Diversity is our strenght” -Putin

9e53f №.96930

I feel like a kid that’s just been told santa isn’t real

7d4a4 №.96934

Same, gay retarded cripple tranny government tells me I have to cheer for Ukraine, so I do the opposite out of principled contempt.

ONION №.96950

I mean, glowniggers don't care that azovs are nazis.
Why should I care about Putin's political dispositions?
He's killing zogbots, glowniggers and trannies. And that's all that matters.
I'm all about tolerance, you know.

a29e5 №.96957

No the foreign fighters are a minuscule amount.
Listen if you were invaded by a country, wouldn’t you fight back? Of course you would.
Now, both the governments of Russia and Ukraine are kiked, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support the people.

ONION №.96962

File: 1685106652761.webm (1.92 MB, 474x411, whos-gonna-fight-in-ww3.webm)

>Listen if you were invaded by a country, wouldn’t you fight back?
hell no lol

a29e5 №.96963

Yes nigger you would. If China invaded, you wouldn’t comply no would you? If you would, then you aren’t NS.

cd8f0 №.96964

File: 1685107556809.jpg (33.43 KB, 570x639, demoralized.jpg)

>When ZOG1 invades ZOG2, I'll fight against ZOG

a29e5 №.96971

I’m not telling you to fight for USA army if Chinese arrive. Of course not, it’s a jewish army. But you would still fight back.

a29e5 №.96973

File: 1685110631313.jpeg (1.21 MB, 2160x1409, IMG_1189.jpeg)

a29e5 №.96974

I never said that the jews aren’t an enemy. Of course they are. But if your country gets invaded, of course you would fight back. You are not fighting for your government. You are fighting for your land.

ONION №.96976

the land belongs to the government

a29e5 №.96980

The land belongs to the people if the people fight back.

ONION №.96985

k then u do that

d69db №.96997

File: 1685115334759.jpeg (61.51 KB, 800x500, D9D911DD-0040-469A-9FAD-4….jpeg)

Lmfao the absolute state of some white nationalists
You are a traitor

ONION №.96998

The only difference between jews and chinks is that chinks have slanted eyes.

ONION №.97001

File: 1685116246054.png (398.71 KB, 851x671, Screen Shot 2023-05-26 at ….png)

Yeah any major conflict at this point in history is 100% jewish controlled on both sides.. as they say, "the revolution will NOT be televised!" Klaus has openly boasted about both (((zelenskyy))) and (((putin))) being WEF Young Global Leaders of his…

Russia/Ukraine is just another instance of jewish infighting being carried out through another brother war… it's the only flavor of modern warfare left, for now at least. Here's a pretty good look into the jewish side of this infighting from an openly jewish source, but they seem to be painting it as chabad v russia when in fact it's actually just chabad nyc v chabad russia, and jews continuing the slaughter and indebting of Whites globally… welcome to the new normal. The (((inbreds))) are now so fucking (((retarded))) they think they can publish shit like this and just leave out the convenient fact that BOTH sides are chabad while still literally naming the chief jew of Russia in the same article, another chabad schlomo, literally:

and for any anons suggesting china has not been 100% jewish controlled from when they conned the mongrels into taking russia for them back in the russian civil war, KYS. where THE FUCK do you think they get off with COMMUNISM ffs?!

ONION №.97002

File: 1685116348402.png (602.73 KB, 1682x934, Screen Shot 2023-05-26 at ….png)

Also… picrel

f9559 №.97015

This is why Poroshenko should have ruthlessly gone after Soros' NGOs and worked towards a neutral Ukraine. Instead he accept jewbucks, and abused ethnic Russians. And look where it's gotten Ukraine.

This is why you go directly at the Jew. You do not pass go. You don't collect 200$. You don't worry about some shabbos goy like Putin. You go directly at the Jew.

f3320 №.97018

File: 1685122232298.jpg (139.46 KB, 500x360, 7e8ee8f82cbd72cc4b8b711761….jpg)

>Listen if you were invaded by a country, wouldn’t you fight back? Of course you would.
Go fuck yourself shill and fuck Ukraine too. I don't give a shit about Russia either. You know what the difference between Ukraine and Russia is for me? I haven't run into any Russian shills telling me what to think or what to care about. I'm tired of being told to care about this fucking foreign war by my government. I don't have enough fucks to give. I'm low on fucks right now. Right now I'm rationing my fucks for the fuck famine that my country is having, in part due to my government giving Ukraine so much money. They spent my fucks already and now they're flaming fucks because Russian artillary destroyed all the fucks we gave you.

I hope all of you fuckers get glassed so I don't have to hear about this crap ever again. I'm at the point where my reaction is the same to hearing "Ukraine" as when I see a nigger standing in the road asking for change. Get the fuck out of the road, I don't give a shit and I'm about ready to run your ass over. If it weren't for the entire US government running defense for you, no American would even be aware that there was a war going on.

f9559 №.97019

got 404'd. Is there an archive somewhere?

a29e5 №.97025

I never said we should give money to Ukraine. If your country needs money, of course it needs to stop giving money to Ukraine. My point is thought is that it is a jewish conflict. Both governments are jewish. This is ZOG W vs ZOG E. And not many people realize that.

ONION №.97271


thread should be renamed "Putin The Kike Is Clearly Pro White-Genocide"

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